What we actualy do?

TAURIA is a successful Slovenian enterprise specialized in the web marketing development field. Our main focus is on designing and programming customized Wordpress themes, templates or individual sites.

Our past achievements reveal a wide range of skills and possibilities that we have to offer in producing modular, customized and maintainable WordPress websites.

We are open to building new business relationships and long term cooperation, as we set foot in a wider market area.

Our goal is to spread throughout western developed markets where we can maintain and improve the level of entrepreneurship, since we feel that we reached our maximum potential in south-east Europe.

Digital Team

Jan Mucic CEO
Igor Budisin HTML5, CSS3, CSS3 animations, JavaScript, PHP
Jan Rijavec PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Nina Mihelič PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

How to reach us?

Tauria, digitalni marketing d.o.o., / Smoletova ulica 16, 1000 Ljubljana/ Slovenia
E-naslov: [email protected] / Telefon: 00 386 (0)41 503 795 or feel free to fill our contact form